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An online community for fashion professionals. Share insights, get answers, find partners.

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Networking opportunities

With a few hundred members and a searchable member directory you can find new partners in your area: be it fashion designers, stylists, make up artists, photographers, or models.

Recording library

Watch recordings of the past live meet-ups with renowned fashion professionals.

Some of the most respected professionals hosted live sessions

We have been very lucky to have a range of professionals speak in our community meet-ups and lectures

Dennis Kenney

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and an on-air personality

Jeffrey Ampratwum

Fashion Instructor, Style Expert and Creative Director

Eric Himel

Celebrity Fashion + Body Stylist and TV Personality

Rachel J Penca **

Fashion/Personal Stylist, Entrepreneur and Headline Educator


Getting First Clients as a Personal Stylist

Available for community members only. Watch in your own pace.
by Rachel J Penca

Advanced networking opportunities

Community directory of all members with convenient filters and ability to reach out to everyone

Invite people to an in-person meet up to a simple call on Zoom

Chat with industry experts and people from all over the industry

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Join the online community for fashion professionals. Share insights, get answers, find partners.
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If you are looking for answers — you’ve come to the right place

What does the community include?
  • A private online platform for communication
  • Searchable members directory
  • Recordings of past live events
  • On demand video mini-course "Getting first clients as a personal stylist"
Who is this community for?

Our community is designed for all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Having a real passion for fashion is highly recommended.

Where are community members based?

We are an international community with the majority of our members in the U. S. You can find community members in different cities and states, from NY to LA.

Is it virual only? Will I meet people in real life?

Our community is online based. However, if you would like to organize an in-person meet-up, you’re more than welcome to do it! Our community members have met each other in real life for coffee in different cities—and said it’s been great!

How much does the membership cost?

It’s 100% free.

Are there any hidden costs or paid add ons?

No. All of the community is free and there are no other charges whatsoever.

Who moderates the community?

The community is free, self-regulated, and self-moderated. Members who contributed the most could be appointed as moderators to help curate discussions.

What people say

All these reviews are from real Pivot members only, feel free to connect with them to learn more about their Pivot experience

Leigh Hoepf
Member since Feb 2022

It feels great being surrounded by like minded individuals and being able to connect with others who are striving for similar career goals as me. I would definitely recommend.

Ask Leigh
Reneka Moore
Member since Aug 2021

The wealth of knowledge, connections, and confidence I’ve received is unmatched. I’ve been talking for years, but now I can walk that talk, okayyy!

Ask Reneka
Member since Aug 2021

I will highly recommend joining to move ahead in your career because they build, encourage, motivate and set you up to succeed ♥️♥️♥️

Ask KitKat
Airica Cain
Member since Feb 2022

This is the meat and potatoes...

This is the meat and potatoes of what I have been looking forward to the most.

Ask Airica
Dianne Wilson
Member since Mar 2022

I made two business connections in one week

I took the advice and «put myself out there.» I made two business connections in one week with boutiques in the DMV 🤯.

The owner of one even offered me to use their space for my own private styling sessions! Most importantly, I met some awesome people and had some fun!

Shareefah Payne
Member since Mar 2022

In total it is great!

Way more than expected so I am appreciative of the experience.

Galilea Montero
Member since Feb 2022

The community is warm and welcoming

I would 100% recommend this community to a friend because it is widely accessible and easy to follow.

The community is warm and welcoming and there are always people available to help you out.

Ask Galilea
Evan Navarro
Member since Apr 2022

Body inclusive, informing, and eye-opening.

Ask Evan
Brittany Newcomer
Member since Aug 2021

It was the connection to that world I wanted to be a part of.

Ask Brittany
Keristan Ebeniro
Member since Apr 2022

Loved it.

Dominique Monroe
Member since Apr 2022

I’m just excited about being apart of and making my dreams possible. This is awesome.